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My name is Rodolfo Oswaldo Yac Chocoj, and the village where I come from is called Lo de en Medio. I have 5 brothers and four sisters. My two oldest brothers only finished elementary school – we don’t have the money to pay for their studies because there is no work for my dad.

My dad dedicates himself to planting corn, bananas, rice, yucca, beans, peppers, sweet potato and pineapple and this helps us to pass the days with my family.

Life in my village is very poor – the houses are made from the forest and our mothers, when we’re not at home, have to carry water from an area 30 to 45 minutes from our house. That is how they pass the day.

In my free time, I like to have fun and read when there isn’t work in the fields that my dad makes me do. I like to play in the field with my friend. I play defense on my soccer team.

Thanks to the donors, the Junior High is working well and helping the most in need. I am taking advantage of the opportunity to study here because my dad doesn’t have the money to send me to the more expensive schools in town – we barely make it as it is.

In my life I have a dream – I want to make it to be a Doctor, so I can help the health of my community and my family.


Rodolfo Oswaldo Yac Chocoj

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