In Her own words: Rosa Rax Chub

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My name is Rosa Rax Chub.

I am 16 and I come from the village of Chinamachacas, Livingston, Izabal.

I have six brothers and sisters and of those I have only 2 little brothers that study in the elementary school in my village and 2 of us that came to study here at the Junior High.

My dad’s only work is in the fields planting so we can eat what he grows. In my village the people are very friendly, everybody respects one another and they help each other in their work in the fields.

In my free time I really like to help my mom to work in the kitchen and house and I also like to read books with stories and legends of our ancestors.

In church I sing glorias, and I like to play soccer with my little brothers.

I am studying in the Junior High that thanks to the donors is working because they worry about those of us that live in extreme poverty.

I hope they keep supporting us because my dream in to graduate and become a teacher so I can help other children and also help my community, and it is the great dream of my family and myself.


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