If you are who you should be, you will set the world ablaze!

– St. Catherine of Siena


Mayan Q'eqchi' girl pledging allegiance to the Guatemalan flag
This January, we celebrated the grand opening of a new junior high school for an area of 11 impoverished Q’eqchi’ villages. It marked a dream come true for hundreds of families.

Almost all of the adults in attendance never even had the opportunity to finish elementary school. Now, their children will have the chance to study through junior high near their own homes.

When we visit with Mayan villagers, the first thing on their mind is almost always the same – their children. They desperately want their children to have a better life – with more opportunity – than they ever could have.

Above: A Mayan Q’eqchi girl pledging allegiance to the Guatemalan flag at the junior high grand opening celebration.

This school is a small step towards making those parents’ wish for their children come true.

Click here for an explanation of why a junior high was needed in these villages.


Donations from generous individuals made this dream possible.   Donate to the School!______________________________________________________________________________

It was also made possible due to the hard work of village fathers, who sacrificed their time and money to finish the school.

Mayan village men constructing new school

Left: Village men who dedicated their themselves to build the school

Junior High Under Construction

Left: Picture of Junior High while under construction. All labor was done by village parents.

Delivery of keys to new mayan village junior high school in Rio Dulce

Left: Ryan Eckert, President of Hope for the Rio Dulce delivers keys to the new junior high school to Mayan village mayor.

Classes have begun for the first group of students. This year the school will host 7th grade students. A grade will be added each year until the equivalent 9th grade.

We still need your support to make the school a success. This year we hope to add a computer lab and vocational classes. Please consider making a donation – to bring hope to the Mayan Q’eqchi children of the Rio Dulce.

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