Clean Water for Village Children and Families


UPDATE: Project completed

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There are many things that we, in the developed world, take for granted. One of those is water. Clean, potable water is easily available to us, fresh from the tap in our homes, work, and almost everywhere we go.

The same is not true for many rural villagers in Guatemala. Many remote villages rely on hand-dug wells for their water supply. The water from these wells is not clean enough to drink, but with no other options the villagers drink it.


This results in sickness and ailments that affect children and adults.


A few years ago, through the work of the mission Kids to Kids Outreach, one village got its dream — clean (relatively speaking) water. The picture above shows the villagers of rejoicing at the opening of their water supply.


Leaking water pipe to Qeqchi village

That joy was short-lived, however. Due to a limited budget, the water project was completed using second choice materials. Those materials have now deteriorated to the point that no water reaches the village. Above picture shows leaking water line.


When the water supply was cut off, over 20 village families lost access to clean water.


Q'eqchi villagers water source

In cooperation with the local municipal government and Kids to Kids Outreach we are working to install a proper, long-lasting water source for the village.  Picture above shows villager standing above water source for village.

With access to clean water, village children will be better able to study,learn, and grow. Their parents will be better able to seek and find work.

They will be better able to fight for a brighter future.


Help make that happen!

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