Providing Teachers for Children in Need:


Hope for the Dulce helps to provide primary school teachers for villages in need of teachers.

In Guatemala, a free primary education is a constitutional right – and the government is supposed to provide a free primary education to all children. Reality is often different, however.


Due to discrimination, violence, and government corruption, many indigenous villages, especially remote villages, often lack the services of sufficient – or any – primary school teachers.

Without  teachers there is no school. Village children are unable to learn basic skills, such as Spanish, math, and reading. As a result, they are left behind to lead a life of poverty and isolation.



Turning in work to teacher at school

Above: Children at school in the villlage of Lagunita Salvador turning in work to their teacher.


By providing primary teachers where they are needed, we help to secure a brighter future for village children.


Hope for the Rio Dulce currently provides teachers and schooling for nearly 400 students in 6 villages. That is nearly 400 children that would not be going to school without our support. But many more still need help. Consider making a donation to help more kids dreams come true:

One month’s education for 10 kids$50Donate
One teacher’s monthly salary (20-30 kids)$150Donate
One year’s education for 10 kids$600Donate


Imagine trying to navigate life without an education – without even  a basic elementary education. It would be impossible. Imagine your kids in a similar situation – you would do anything in your power to get them an education.


Now, think about the injustice these Guatemalan kids face, and help us do something about it.

Mayan Q'eqchi Schoolchildren in rural village

Above: Mayan Q’eqchi schoolchildren in school at the village of Cerro Blanco – where there are 120 students, but only 2 teachers provided by the government.




Below, a current teacher, Arnoldo, discusses his work and his experiences as a teacher this past year:

Arnoldo was a previous Hope for the Rio Dulce scholarship recipient. He graduated High School with good grades and is now working hard as a village elementary school teacher. He wants his fellow villagers to improve their level of education. (In Guatemala, you are eligible to become an elementary teacher with a High School diploma)




Support from individual donors, makes the education of these kids possible.



Mayan Q'eqchi' schoolchildren in the village of Cerro Blanco

The kids from the village of Cerro Blanco say “Thank You”