In Her Own Words: Carmelina

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A letter written in her own words (and translated into English) by a student at Hope for the Rio Dulce Junior High:

Carmelina in her dorm room
Carmelina in her dorm room

My name is Carmelina. I live in the village of Sarstun Creek, Livingston, Izabal. I have 7 brothers and one sister, two are in elementary school. My parents grow corn, pineapple, plantains, and beans because my father doesn’t have a job.

My brothers are looking for work so that we can get ahead. I like to play with my little brothers, and I like to play and sing.

My parents do not have economic resources and when the new Junior High was opened in 2013 my parents heard about it and that it was for families with limited resources, and they decided to give me the opportunity. Thanks to the help of the donors to the school I am now in my first year of Junior High.

My dream is to become a nurse so I can look after the health of my community and family. My family wants me to be successful, so I can help them in the future.

I like to do schoolwork, and the classes I like most are math and other things that the professor teaches us.

Thank you,



Qeq'chi Mayan student Livingston Guatemala
Carmelina hard at work in school.


Carmelina is a student at Hope for the Rio Dulce Junior High. She is only able to study thanks to the generous support of our donors. Without your support, she and others would have to give up their dreams of a better future.

Your support makes all the difference.

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